Hiking in the mountains is great in the summer. The nearby national park is unspoilt and there are lakes and streams at altitude to visit and have a picnic. There are refuges but these would need to be booked, see the information at the tourist office.

Above Valmeinier

I’d like to describe how beautiful it is and how wonderful it is to walk in the mountains but I know I can’t do it justice it has to be seen.  On your walks you may see marmottes, deer and plenty of butterflies and grasshoppers.  

Mount Thabor

The Tourist Office have maps with numerous marked walks ranging from 2km to 20km. We tend to walk with an ordnance survey map of the area just in case. We have left one in the apartment which you are welcome to use. It’s important to ensure we know where we are and if we do wander off the trail we can find our way back.  Alternatively there are group walks with tour guides who will not only lead you but talk about the area and its history. 

Looking back to Valmeinier

If you are not used to the mountains, beware of the sheep and goats that often graze the slopes as they may have a ‘patous’ a guard dog that lives with the herd and protects the herd from wolves.  The valley used to be mined for aluminium, so there could be potholes and shafts, so please walk with care. Stick to paths and try not to walk alone.

Most of all  – enjoy the peace and beauty. 

Top of Mount Thabor